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Solution for EndNote X2 2010 error

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the “2010 error” which some users of EndNote X2 have reported — ie, when importing records from external databases, the publication year for publications dated 2010 and later doesn’t always go into the year field. A patch has been developed by EndNote which resolves the problem for anyone using their own copy of EndNote but ICTS staff have found that the patch is very difficult to distribute to users of the networked version of EndNote X2. If you are experiencing the “2010 error”, please contact your local ICTS team and ask to have EndNote X2 completely reinstalled from the central location, where the patch has been applied. Be sure to save your libraries to a USB stick, floppy, etc before the reinstallation takes place. (And many thanks to Showkat Babu in ICTS for having found a solution for us!)

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