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In addition to the news items listed here, the Library also produces the Researcher's Weekly Bulletin, a weekly round-up of announcements of new electronic resources acquired by the Library (for example, databases and journals), news of new web sites, trials of databases, announcements of forthcoming conferences and other information of interest to researchers.

Summer vacation opening hours 2017

Please check before travelling. Last update 22/6/2017.

Updated: 09 June, 2017

BBC Drama Films and Documentaries

Stream videos from BBC Drama Films and Documentaries on Drama Online.

This collection features stunning film adaptations of classic and contemporary plays from Sophocles and Shakespeare, to Oscar Wilde, Henrik Ibsen, August Strindberg, Bernard Shaw and contemporary writers, Michael Frayn and Joe Penhall.

Browse the films and documentaries available or find them all on Drama Online.

Updated: 19 July, 2017

Bloomsbury Collections: Classical Studies and Archaeology

eBooks on ancient history, archaeology, ancient culture & society and classical studies.

Go to Bloomsbury Collections: Classical Studies and Archaeology

Around 256 full-text eBooks and previews to around 200 more.

Covers ancient art, architecture, culture & society, drama, literature, history, philosophy, religion, archaeology, classical reception, Egyptology, Latin and Latin literature.

We have access to full text from these collections:

  • Ancient History Archive 1983-2012
  • Classical Literature Archive 1994-2012
  • Classical Studies & Archaeology 2013
  • Classical Studies & Archaeology 2014
  • Classical Studies & Archaeology 2015
  • Classical Studies & Archaeology 2016
  • Classical Studies & Archaeology 2017
The eBooks in our subscription have an unlocked padlock.

Updated: 19 July, 2017

Geology Digimap

Access to Geology Roam and Geology Download on Digimap.

With Geology Roam, you can view, annotate and print geology maps at user defined scales. Use Geology Download to download geology data for use in GIS/CAD.

Log in with your University ID and password. If you've never used Digimap before you'll need to register with Digimap. All users will need to accept the licence for Geology Digimap on the Digimap website.

Updated: 14 August, 2017

The Cecil Papers

Digitised archive of documents gathered by William Cecil (1520-1598), Lord Burghley and his son Robert Cecil (1563-1612), First Earl of Salisbury.

Access the Cecil Papers

ProQuest has teamed with The Hatfield House Archives to digitize their privately held collection of almost 30,000 documents gathered by William Cecil (1520-1598), Lord Burghley and his son Robert Cecil (1563-1612), First Earl of Salisbury. This important collection includes many sixteenth- and seventeenth-century state papers, grants from the Crown, legal documents, treaties, correspondences, and political memoranda.

One of Elizabeth I’s closest advisors, William Cecil was both Lord High Treasurer and Secretary of State – a position also held by his son, who continued to serve Elizabeth’s successor, James I. Occupying some of the highest offices of state in the land, these men were at the heart of events during one of the most dynamic periods in western history.

Key events covered in this collection include:
  • The clandestine plans for James’ accession to the English throne
  • Mary Queen of Scots’ imprisonment and execution
  • Tudor re-conquest of Ireland
  • The Spanish Armada
  • Military events in the Low Countries
  • The Main Plot and imprisonment of Sir Walter Raleigh
  • Early English settlement of America

All the documents, which include a number of contemporary hand-drawn maps, tables, and letters, have been reproduced as full-colour, high-quality images directly from original documents. These images can be examined using a dynamic viewing tool or downloaded as PDFs of JPEGs.

Updated: 19 July, 2017

Tricking the Impossible: word and type: Penny Rimbaud and Bracketpress

24 April - 25 August 2017

MMU Special Collections Gallery,
3rd Floor,
Sir Kenneth Green Library

Tricking the Impossible This exhibition examines the close, collaborative relationship between the author Penny Rimbaud (co-founder of the highly influential punk rock collective Crass) and typesetter and book designer Christian Brett. The exhibition draws on extensive archive material from the Bracketpress archive held at Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collections. Brett's collaborations with Rimbaud employ many expressive and conceptual typographic tricks, creating visually exciting designs for some very challenging texts. Along with published material (novels, essays, poetry and music) the exhibition also includes working designs for as yet unpublished works.

Bracketpress is an independent radical publisher of books, pamphlets and limited edition prints co-founded by Christian Brett & Alice Smith. The exhibition is part of RANDOM Archive, a collaborative project with Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre exploring text and type.

Updated: 25 April, 2017

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