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Population statistics

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Depending on your search, you may find it easier to use Library Search, which searches a range of data sources at once, rather than using the individual resources listed below.



Collection of Historical and Contemporary Census Data and Related Materials (CHCC) Learning Materials

Available within MMU (no login required) and outside MMU (login required)

This site provides links to materials which are being developed to support the use of census data in learning and teaching. All learning and teaching materials are freely available for use by UK HE and FE sites and are customisable. They are being developed in consultation with users throughout the community. Many materials are now ready for piloting in the classroom. Please follow the links to the materials to find out more.

The data specific materials are being developed by three of the project partner sites:

  • The Historical Censuses Collection learning and teaching resources developed by the University of Glasgow.
  • The contemporary Census Area Statistics (CAS) learning and teaching resources developed by the University of Leeds.
  • The contemporary Samples of Anonymised Records (SARs) learning and teaching resources developed by CCSR at the University of Manchester.

If you're using the service off-campus you will need to login to prove that you are a member of a UK Higher or Further Education institution. On the CHCC login page, use the drop-down menu under the heading Universities to locate Manchester Metropolitan University. Then select Go. You will be presented with the MMU login screen and should input your MMU network ID and password to gain access.

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Experian Data Index

Available within MMU and outside MMU (no login required)

Available free to UK HE academics via MIMAS, EPSD is an annually updated database of UK neighbourhood statistics. The Experian database provides access to a range of local area statistics covering geo-demographics, demography, property transactions and car ownership for current postal sectors together with associated digital boundaries.

For detailed documentation and how to register, see

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POPIN (United Nations Population Information Network)

Available within MMU and outside MMU (no login required)

Population figures and projections from the United Nations.

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UK Data Service

Available within MMU and outside MMU (login required)

This is a new national service funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), which consolidates and incorporates the following established data services and websites:

  • Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS)

More than 6,000 collections of high quality social and economic data can be accessed including:

  • UK census data (1971-2011)
  • UK survey data
  • Cross-national survey data
  • International macro databanks
  • Cohort and longitudinal studies
  • Business microdata
  • Qualitative and mixed methods data

Users can search and browse for all aspects of economic and social data, including Census data, using the new search engine Discover. Access to Discover does not require registration. However, to download data, or to analyse it online where possible, does require registration with the UK Data Service.

If you have not used this site previously, you may need to register: please follow the link for new users at the bottom of the home page.

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US Census Bureau International Data Base

Available within MMU and outside MMU (no login required)

Contains statistical tables of demographic and socio-economic data for 227 countries and areas of the world.

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