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Information Skills are planned and delivered by teaching staff and/or LIS staff

The planning and delivery of Information Skills programmes tends to vary depending on the institutional context. The literature review highlighted the ideal scenario, where all those who have a stake in Information Skills training play a role in the development and delivery of skills. These partners include academic staff, IT and media service staff and learning technologists.

There are a number of different models of co-operative working that could be adopted to suit particular needs. The case studies carried out as part of the Big Blue project serve as an illustration of some of these approaches.

Skills in practice: Examples from the Case Studies

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Also see Toolkit page 'Information Skills are integrated into the curriculum'. The curriculum integration model depends on co-operative working between all stakeholders in the learning and teaching process, including teaching staff and LIS staff.

Atkinson and Scott devised a list of 11 factors which can influence the effectiveness of an Information Skills programme.

Establishing partnerships with teaching staff for the planning and delivery of Information Skills may present some difficulties but it is important that the Library/LRC asserts itself in this area. As supported by the literature librarians have particular skills and are ideally placed to pass these on to students. Factors such as including Information Skills in strategic plans may assist in partnership building.

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