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Information Skills are evaluated

Why carry out evaluation?

Feedback on the provision of any service is important to ensure that it is fulfilling its intended purpose and so that any changes can be made accordingly. It is vitally important in Information Skills training because it is still a relatively new area of work for many institutions and feedback may assist in the development of programmes.

The results of the audit carried out as part of the Big Blue Project showed that only just over half of institutions evaluate Information Skills training and that printed forms were the most common means of collecting feedback.

Skills in practice: Examples from the Case Studies

The case study carried out at University of Aberdeen illustrates the benefits of evaluating Information Skills programmes. Comments received from students lead to Information Skills sessions being made more subject specific. View the case study.

Students doing an online induction at Tamworth and Lichfield College are able to complete an online test to assess their learning. View the case study.

Possible reasons for evaluation:

Issues to consider in collecting feedback:

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